Las Vegas offers so many awesome attractions for adults, but none as amazing as one of its famous las vegas escorts, Eva, who born and raised in Las Vegas knows better than anyone how to have a good time. Whether you’re in Vegas for a day or a week, no matter what the reason, make a call to Eva and you’ll be guaranteed to experience a new side of Vegas that will be forever unforgettable.

Having just graduated from community college in her small town, Eva decided to make her way to Las Vegas to start a new life of self-discovery and excitement. She simply loves being so close to everything and has made friends very easily since coming to the big city. Her enormous breasts amplify her innocent look. Eva uses it to her advantage by dressing in lingerie and playing role-playing games whenever she can find a willing partner. Are you the male partner she has been looking for when it comes to sharing those fantasies?

A former stripper Eva is smoking hot and she knows it. She stopped stripping because it just wasn’t exciting anymore. She still has all of her moves and if you ask her nicely she just might shake her firm round booty for you. She does all of her talking with her dance moves; it’s a sign of what’s to come later. Eva can be a bit of a handful but she also loves making her dates feel satisfied. Hey, not everyone can be a good girl, its bad girls that make life more interesting and oh how bad can Eva be? If you would like to know she is more than willing to show you. She is always 100 percent real and doesn’t hide behind anything.

Eva has a heart-warming smile and a winning heart not to mention some eye catching curves. You’ll be glad to stay in with Eva and keep her all to yourself. Eva considers herself a sensual person that likes to take things slow. You’ll build up to the big moment and she’ll be careful to attend to your every desire. It will surprise you when she hits every sensual spot. While she doesn’t have a problem going out, these quiet evenings tantalite her; she loves being able to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and connect with you on a deeper level.

Eva likes role playing and she’ll even let you pick the outfit or costume. She enjoys helping you fulfill your fantasies. She loves to make you feel satisfied that is why she makes sure you have the best experience. She’ll use her wild imagination and creativity to fulfill your unique requests no matter how kinky. You’ll appreciate her spunky personality. She’ll make you laugh and have a good time. She’ll make you feel at ease and you’ll keep coming back for seconds and thirds. Reflecting on your time with Eva until you see her again will keep you smiling from ear to ear.

Even though she likes to play Eva still finds cozying up in restaurant or lounge one of the most intimate evenings she has ever experienced. If you do happen to pry yourself from the intimate love den Eva has created for you, you’ll find that she is quite the charming young lady and easily makes people smile. She is very intelligent and can hold a good conversation with a physicists as well as a grocery store clerk. Eva really knows how to capture the spotlight. It’s because she really has a knack for entertaining people. You won’t stand a chance she’ll have you enthralled in her conversation, sensuality and rocking body. Eva proves that she is the perfect companion whether you are out on the town or sipping wine watching the sun rise.

Eva has flair and flavor. Let her help you forget what ails you. She’ll break you away from the daily grind and leave you spellbound. You’ll never want to leave her side. She is looking for a man that knows how to treat a lady like a queen. Whether you are sipping a glass of wine together or out at a new art gallery. Eva is always ready for a stimulating experience. Eva always says, “Nothing beats and unforgettable, intimate evening with a new suitor.” She will give you whatever you heart desires and then some. Eva is truly a Vegas gem that will never disappoint.

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