Introducing Dana, one of the finest Vegas escorts the city has to offer. Whether it’s a crazy night out on the town you’re looking for or just a fun night in at your hotel, Dana ensures that your time with her goes unforgotten. If you’re into hot, skinny, sexy blonde bombshells then don’t wait any longer to give Dana a call. A hard worker who is available almost every day or night of the week, Dana arrives in under 30 minutes direct to you and ready for whatever it is you have in mind.

At 25, Dana is rather new to the Las Vegas escort world. With her extensive bag of tricks and her body that just will not stop, she quickly rose to the top of many men’s must-meet lists. In spite of her busy schedule, she manages to keep some time slots open so that she can accommodate those men who want to see her within a short time frame.

Dana and Claudia often work together when a client contacts us about fulfilling his fantasy of having two buxom beauties that cling to his every word. With her deep and dark blues eyes, tiny waist and firm butt, Roxy aims to make the dreams of many men a distinct reality.

Dana has her sight set on being an actress on Broadway; she’s scored a few minor roles in some small films. She’s is a natural entertainer and she is driven to succeed in acting. Although her acting career keeps her busy she leaves plenty of time to play but she is looking for the right person to do it with. Dana is also an incredible singer. Let her show you her stuff at the local karaoke bar. That beautiful face of hers is perfect for the big screen and sometimes it can appear mysterious masked by her luscious blonde hair. Let Dana help you act out the fantasies you have that are unfulfilled.

Dana is no cutesy little doll that you can just dress up and parade around; she is a bad girl to the core. She lives life on her own terms and she won’t care what you or anyone else thinks. Dana drinks too much; she smokes, and lives her life recklessly. Many men have tried to put a rein her in much to their dismay. She lives life fast and unless you are up for the challenge you will fail. If you are looking for a good girl you better keep on looking; because this one will give you a run for your money.

Dana looks great whether she dresses sexy or in a professional cocktail dress. Dana provides companionship of all kinds and she looks forward to meeting new people. She will never be under-dressed; she loves all the high-end fashions money can buy. She fits in with wherever you need to take her. Dana wants you to enjoy every part of the night. No matter what the agenda has in store. The night for Dana is about treating you to the ultimate erotic encounter. She is one of the most charming and alluring escorts we have. Her favorite thing to do is to invite along another blond playmate. Dana has a few playmates that like to play with her already. Together they’ll get the party started. If you are looking for a playmate that does mind doubling up the fun Dana is your girl.

Her concern will be on providing you with the best experience you have ever had. You are in good hands with she especially if this is your first time with an escort. Her patience, experience and good looks will make you feel at ease. If you’d rather be in charge she won’t mind she knows how to sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever you’re up for she can help you fulfill it.

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